Annea Lockwood, New Zealand, 1939.

Annea Lockwood moved to England in 1939, and studied composition at the Royal College of Music in London. She subsequently studied at Darmstadt and then in Holland with Gottfried Michael Koenig, with whom she studied electronic music.

In 1973 Lockwood moved again to the United States to teach at Hunter College, and now holds the position of Emerita Professor at Vassar College.

Like a lot of composers attached in some way to acoustic ecology, Professor Lockwood has worked in many artistic fields including the visual arts, sound poetry, choreography, and sonic art.

Professor Lockwood is famous for her Piano Transplants, which she ran from 1962 - 1982. These were installations in which pianos were sometimes half-buried on a beach, burned, and submerged underwater to name a few. Another notable and famous works are her sound maps of river courses: A Sound Map of the Danube (2005), A Sound Map of the Hudson River (2010), and A Sound Map of the Housatonic River (2013) are three works which use environmental sound and electroacoustic compositional methods in which Professor Lockwood sonically traces the course of the rivers.

For a full biography, range of compositions (some with extracts), and links to purchase Professor Lockwood’s music, please visit her official website, which contains some of the above information but much more.

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