United Kingdom and Ireland Soundscape Community

The United Kingdom and Ireland Soundscape Community (UKISC) was established in 1999 to become the UK and Ireland section of the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology (WFAE) and is designed to transmit discussion, thought, ideas and research between the UK and Ireland and the rest of the WFAE affiliates.

As with the other branches of the WFAE, the main goal is research, education and raising awareness as an ongoing plan to understand the world through sound.

The community is currently growing and accepting memberships by contacting (via email) Professor Drever. There is also the chance to join the email-based discussion list called soundscapeUK but at present offers no further information on the local events and research findings or opportunities.

Through soundscapeUK the UKISC is connected to Drift which is a collaboration of sound artists including David Toop, a Professor at University of the Arts, London (UAL). Drift is currently more active in putting out recent information and artistic work and holds close some of the ethics associated with acoustic ecology.