An Introduction to Acoustic Ecology and Soundscape Composition

Acoustic ecology is a way to study the environment through the sounds which are created by it, and is a worldwide practice which encompasses all sorts of soundscapes such as cities, arctic wildernesses, and rich woodlands.

For a full introduction to the topic, Kendall Wrightson (1999) has an excellent article which details the formation and development within the field of acoustic ecology: An Introduction to Acoustic Ecology.

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Today all sounds belong to a continuous field of possibilities lying within the comprehensive dominion of music. Behold the new orchestra: the sonic universe! And the musicians: anyone and anything that sounds!”
Schafer, 1994, p. 5
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Leonardson. (2013). Our Sonic Playground.
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Each environment has a collection of its own unique sounds, from the tranquil lake to a busy city. Acoustic ecologists record these sounds to learn about the environment.

Soundscape composition is a way that acoustic ecologists as musicians use these sounds to make a new piece of music.

Recordings of the environment are made using specialist equipment, often over very long periods of time to ensure that the best sound is captured.

Any environment can be used but often acoustic ecologists are interested in the natural environment, and the effects human activity have had, or could have on it.

This website will attempt to show how the sounds of the environment which are recorded as part of the acoustic ecologist’s research are often used to create new music called soundscapes.

This website will only focus on the work from composers who are acoustic ecologists and work with the sounds of the natural landscape and create music of an electroacoustic nature, rather than using human-made sounds, such as those of a city, and other approaches to composition. As such, it should be noted that there are many other composers who work within the field of acoustic ecology that create astounding work based and prefer to work in a different artistic form who are not covered on this website.

All the information gathered into this website can be located on the internet with resources and references shown as links to the website or location of the information, video, or image.

The use of images and videos have been referenced using the APA 6 format, as this website forms part of an academic assignment for an undergraduate degree.

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