The Global Sustainable Soundscapes Network

According to the official website, The Global Sustainable Soundscapes Network (GSSN) is a lot like the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology (WFAE) but with a very heightened approach to active conservation, research and sharing of information through interdisciplinary projects. By bringing researchers from a whole host of different ecologically driven backgrounds, such as landscape ecologists, into the GSSN they hope to share information with each other more easily but also with other organisations and on a global level.

The GSSN is essentially a resource centre for anyone interested in learning about acoustic ecology and soundscape studies and actively encourages participation through their resources page which provides videos on basic equipment handling.

Based in America and operating on funding, they have clear outlines for what they wish to achieve and a list of named researchers attached to the project - many of which you will recognise from this website.