John Levack Drever

John Levack Drever is a Professor of Acoustic Ecology and Sound Art at Goldsmiths, University of London, and co-founder and of the UK and Ireland Soundscape Community (UKISC). See Professor Drever’s staff details page at Goldsmiths, University of London for this and more information including a works list.

Professor Drever also has a soundcloud page which features many examples of his electroacoustic work. In 2009 the BBC interviewed Drever as he is one of the country’s leading specialists in acoustic ecology, and the BBC has close links with wildlife documentaries and Chris Watson.

An example of Professor Drever’s electroacoustic composition Sounding Dartmoor (2005) is available to hear and purchase, along with more examples of his work for listening and purchase too.

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Professor Drever’s work focuses on the sounds of human interaction with his Cattle Grids of Dartmoor (2005) being comprised of cars travelling over these manmade structures.

His interest is in how people hear sound in the world, especially children, which aligns him very closely to R. Murray Schafer’s initial view and the work of the World Soundscape Project (WSP).
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