Jana Winderen

Jana Winderen studied Fine Arts at Goldsmith College, London, after studying Mathematics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Fish ecology in the Natural Science Department at the University of Oslo, Norway.

For the above information and more on Winderen’s work and biographical details, see her information and C.V page.

Winderen’s musical work Energy Field (2010), which is available on the Touch label, focuses on an area which uses elements of audio-visual work, meaning she creates a soundscape along with visual panels. The recordings are of various northern areas of water and frozen glaciers using hydrophones and other sensitive equipment, in a similar way to Andrea Polli and Chris Watson, who she has recently collaborated with. Her aim is to provide sounds that are not immediately recognisable but that are real and actually exist in these fragile marine worlds.

A deeper explanation of her work can be found on Winderen’s official website under her Biography page, which includes an artistic statement, and on as part of the artist’s information on the Touch website, where her other works are also discussed.

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This soundscape is one which is created from one of the most inhospitable regions on the planet in which life still exists. Some of the sounds are recognisable and work to set the location, but others which are recorded using very sensitive microphones are not as easily recognisable - if at all. It is the combination of these sounds which makes for a very intriguing soundscape. Please read the YouTube video description for full details.
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Photo: Panteleev. S. (2015). Recording with Hydrophones 15 and 10 Meters Under the Pack Ice. Retrieved from http://www.janawinderen.com/fieldtrips/field_trip_to_the_north_pole_m.html

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Wideneren is very active and keeps up to date information on her experiences and expeditions on her website in a news archive.