R. Murray Schafer, Canada, 1933

So much has already been said about Schafer and his work to educate about the environment. Indeed this entire website is dedicated to a legacy which started with him and his work with the World Soundscape Project (WSP) at Simon Frasier University (SFU).

An extensive biography of Schafer can be found at the Canadian Encyclopaedia website, which includes a list of his published works.

The only thing which remains to be said about Schafer is that his work and continued devotion to the field of acoustic ecology and soundscape composition is remarkable. All the composers featured on this website have a connection to Schafer and the other members of the WSP though their research into acoustic ecology and their musical contributions through soundscapes and other arts.

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Photo: The Star.com (2012). Esprit Orchestra Soundstreams Honour R. Murray Schafer. Retrieved from http://www.thestar.com/content/dam/thestar/entertainment/music/2012/10/10/esprit_orchestra_soundstreams_honour_r_murray_schafer/schafer.jpeg