Bruce Davis, USA, 1946; and Peter Huse, USA, 1938.

Bruce Davis studied for a BMus at McGill University in 1970 and moved to teach at Simon Frasier University in 1971, becoming project research officer in 1972, and had his String Quartet (1973) commissioned by the Purcell String Quartet.

Peter Huse studied for a BMus at the University of British Columbia before moving to study composition with Milton Babbit and Roger Sessions at Princeton University, before becoming assistant director of the WSP in 1972-75.

Davis and Huse were part of the World Soundscape Project (WSP) in 1972 and assisted with many of the projects. After the successful completion of The Vancouver Soundscape in 1973, Davis and Huse traversed Canada recording Soundscapes of Canada (1974). The recordings from this project were used to create a radio program called “ideas” for the station CBC-FM which ran from 21st October to 1st November 1974, and consisted of ten parts.

See the Canadian Encyclopaedia entries for Davis and Huse for the above information plus deeper biographical and discographical information.

Continue reading about the Soundscapes of Canada (1974) for more information on this project via the official website which details their findings, including images, diagrams, and a short synopsis of each program. There is also the opportunity to make a purchase.

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Photo: Truax, B. (ca. 1972). Bruce Davis and Peter Huse Recording at SFU. Retrieved from