Andrea Polli

Andrea Polli received a Master of Fine Arts in Time Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, holds a doctorate in practice-led research from the University of Plymouth, UK, and is currently an Associate Professor of Art and Ecology at the College of Fine Arts and School of Engineering at the University of New Mexico.

Professor Polli’s artistic work includes media installations that use art, science and technology in relation to environmental issues, and experiments with interactive and web art, as well as digital broadcasting and mobile media. True to the spirit and ethos of acoustic ecology, Professor Polli tries to engage the public in as many new ideas and approaches as possible by hosting workshops and and activities as part of an approach using participatory media.

A list of all Andrea Polli’s projects can be found on her official website, along with a more complete version of her artistic and academic biography which has been briefly explored above.

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Professor Polli believes in the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration and currently works with atmospheric scientists to help develop systems for understanding storm and climate through sound. Through this collaboratory approach, she has worked with the NASA/Goddard Institute Climate Research Group, the National Center for Atmospheric Research, and AirNow.

The video below showcases one of Professor Polli’s soundscapes from her time spent in the arctic circle for her Sonic Antarctica project which is made up from field recordings, a radio broadcast, and live performances.

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