Institutions and Organisations

As acoustic ecology is a research method, and soundscape composition stems from of that research, the composers associated with it are attached to some sort of institution or organisation. Universities make up some of these, as the research is often interdisciplinary and centres around research, but some other institutes exist outside of the academic realm but still have the academic edge and important connections.

There are also other institutions which function not as research hubs for those working in the field, but more as a hub of information which publish, promote, or distribute and raise awareness of environmental issues, new music, composers, workshops, and a variety of events.

Within acoustic ecology there is a shared global network, as the issues of noise pollution, destruction of habitat, and loss of environments are central to the work of the acoustic ecologist among others, and some of the work associated with those areas needs more than one speciality to undertake such a major project.

Details of these institutions, including the home website of each along with the people who are involved in the institutions and organisations can be found in this section of the website.

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Photo: Fox, R. (2008). Howden Dam in the Friggin’ Freezin’ Cold. Retrieved from