So once all the research has been completed and analysed, and the recordings from the expedition have been arranged into a musical masterpiece and finalised, the work still needs to reach out into the world just like any other type of music. This happens through various distribution networks - some of these are the websites, universities, performances, and entities discussed on the Institutions page, but the traditional concept of a record label also plays its part in the story of acoustic ecology and soundscape composition.

Sound Libraries also house a lot of the sounds the acoustic ecologist has recorded, but these are not usually available to the public without consent of the custodian or owner. For example, Barry Truax of the Simon Frasier University (SFU) and the World Soundscape Project (WSP) looks after the library and sonic studio information, which is only accessible via a username and password obtained from Professor Truax.

Some soundscapes are reproduced live in workshop events, sound walks for example, and other public events are are often initiated like the Sound Recording Weekend with Chris Watson set to take place on May 23rd in Sheffield.

Social media also plays a large part with the distribution of commercial releases and also information such as the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology (WFAE) Facebook Page which has links through to many other