Yannick Dauby

Yannick Dauby is a French electroacoustic composer currently teaching Soundscape and Sound Art at the National Taiwan University, and has been documenting the animal life of Taiwan since 2004 working with the Guandu Nature Park and the indigenous amphibians. These recordings were compiled into a release called Songs of the Frogs of Taiwan vol. 1 in 2013 which covers half of the species found at this location. The link above has audio examples of these sounds as well as more information about the project.

Dauby has established his own platform, or forum, to act as a way of distributing his work and the information he is collecting called Kalerne which functions as a sort of digital online repository for his and others work in a bid to educate and encourage more research and understanding.

More about Dauby work and the Kalerne projects can be found through his official website which includes the opportunity to purchase work and read essays and more about soundscape and sound art by Yannick Dauby and David Toop.

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Photo: Mace, E. (2010). Untitled. Retrieved from http://psonic.free.fr/2010/en/index.html