TalkEx 19

As a featured artist in ROAR's TalkEx 19 exhibition in May (read about the exhibition), I was invited to prepare a discussion on a topic of my choice, which I delivered this week.

Understanding that the audience may be comprised of mainly visual artists, many of whom might not know about might work, I wanted to give an insight into contemporary, experimental and avant-garde music. Instead of giving the usual discussion about my own work or how I approach materials or sound, I wrote a brief history of noise and sound in music from 1913, introducing a few of the key composers and musicians who influenced my reading, thinking and composition of music.

My intention was to show a sort of evolution within a particular sphere of music practice, somewhat elicited or influenced by/through technology and new listening practices. I created a very simple webpage to accompany the talk and presentation (which is mobile-friendly, simply containing links and does not feature any images or sounds), which you can visit, if you wish.

Many thanks to ROAR for encouraging me to give a presentation! I really enjoyed the writing experience as well as delivering the presentation, which also spurred some further thoughts about writing...

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