Apprentice and Questioner, 1863 in Exhibition

Lots of fun at the third ROAR Gathering at The Factory this weekend!

I was delighted to exhibit two pieces:
Questioner, 1863 and Apprentice. These pieces demonstrated my use of video in creating realtime scores for musical improvisation, as well as silent video art aimed at generating an imagined sonic experiences.

The large
concrete space carried the flute sounds of Questioner, 1863, creating dream-like apparitions throughout The Factory, while the darkness of the projection room provided excellent contrast to the hands seen in Apprentice.

Collecting feedback through exhibition is essential and although there was some competition with the royal wedding, football cup finals and delightful weather, many artists were presenting work. Discussing exhibiting artists' sculptures and pieces of audiovisual installation with them inspired me to think about new ways of working for exhibition.

Let's Get Writing!

A call for submissions has been announced by Divergence Press, the University of Huddersfield's online peer-reviewed journal for the University of Huddersfield's Centre for Research in New Music (CeReNeM)!

Divergence Press are looking for submissions to coincide with their shift towards a new journal hosting platform in Autumn 2018, and are encouraging musicians, composers and artists to submit written articles discussing their creative methods and working practices organised around the following 'threads':

  • Composition
  • Technologies
  • Performance
  • Sonic Arts & Multimedia
  • Improvisation
  • Listening & Reception
  • Audiences
  • Speculations

Although entries are to be of a high standard in terms of research and writing, the journal is actively looking for articles which 'bridge the gap between more formal academic writing and informal blog/magazine writing'.

Another exciting part of this call is that the new platform will support embedded audio and video, offering writers the opportunity to include examples of their work!

As Divergence Press is an open-access journal (which grants free access to anyone through the internet), successful submissions will likely have a wide reach to a broader general public.

This open call means there is no deadline for submission, and is a great opportunity for anyone currently seeking the chance to discuss their work through publication.

Good luck with your submission!
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