A still from my piece
My Masters Degree, Sound Within an Alternative Medium, was an investigation into how the medium of video may be applied to musical composition.

Through this work I discovered what I consider to be some important issues for artistic research.

I am continuing to work where this research left off, composing new pieces and writing about the process of composition with the view of studying for one day returning to university to study for a PhD.

Fields - A Journal of Huddersfield Student Research
A paper from my final year of study as an undergraduate was chosen for publication through the University of Huddersfield’s Fields journal: a peer-reviewed journal for undergraduate work.

The paper was published in 2016 and I spoke about the work at the British Conference for Undergraduate Research, 2016 (BCUR16) at Manchester Metropolitan University.

The soundscape of the sea - Whitby, northern beach
A website I constructed for a module during my final year of study as an undergraduate.

The website provides an explanation as to what soundscape is through text, video and audio examples.

This was the first website I ever constructed and had to teach myself how to construct and publish a website while working on the content.
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