This selection of pieces demonstrates how I have drawn on previous musical knowledge and experience when working in previously un-explored media and/or approaches to composition.

Apprentice (2016), video composition (exhibited, 2017)

Etude (2016), video composition (exhibited, 2017)

Syncretism (2016), video composition (exhibited, 2017)

Portals (2015), for solo violin - video score using found footage for prepared improvisation (performed in concert by Mieko Kanno, 2016)

This, That, These, Those (2015), video piece for silent reading, set to text from the poem Perfect Impressions Give You Lessons (1980)

Questioner, 1863 (2015), for solo flute - video score using found footage for prepared improvisation (performed in workshop by Nancy Ruffer, 2015)

Reflection (in wood), (2015), electronic composition, arranged for stereo and surround array

Photosynthesis (2014), text score for experimental instrument and performance

Dit-Dah (2014), for tenor trombone and snare drum

Dysphagia (2013), for solo bass clarinet

Sculpture/Sonic Installation

Reflection (in wood) is a sonic sculpture which exhibits the physical interactions of woodworking tools on wood. The sounds of woodworking were captured using a microphone array. Sounds are played back in real time through a surround sound speaker array, inviting the viewer to observe the permanent marks as the track unfolds in realtime.
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