Composition, Writing and Music Tuition

This is a picture of James Fox (also known as Foxy)!
I am an interdisciplinary musician, composer, sound artist and professional music tutor based in South Yorkshire.

I work with sound using familiar and unfamiliar creative approaches to compose broad ranges of music and sonic experiences.

My musical origins have a foundation in popular music such as rock, punk and metal, while my academic studies distilled traditional musical histories and methodologies along with a passion for experimental and avant-garde approaches to composition.

I compose to create music and sonic experiences which draw on my lived personal experiences and environment while expanding into unfamiliar areas.

How I Started to Compose

My first steps into a musical career began as a guitarist and musician performing in many rock, punk and metal bands between 1995 - 2007, recording and supporting a full album release in 2003. Around this time I started providing guitar lessons.

The ways in which I engaged with and made music shifted significantly from 2012 when I enrolled as an undergraduate student at the University of Huddersfield. I discovered a passion for composition as well as researching and writing about video game music.

Through studying composition I have explored various kinds of notation and have a drive to make sounds and music that I've not yet experienced. I recently (2017) completed a masters degree (by research) at the University of Huddersfield, passing with Distinction. For this degree I focussed on creating musical experiences in a different medium to that of sound: I created silent videos that are musically very rich.

Why I Continue to Compose

When compared to the music I made prior to academic study, I feel as though musicality or implicit meaning in my sonic and silent video compositions is somewhat absent, or is as yet to solidify within my current practice. Although my current work is very different from my former modes of music making, this issue haunts me as being crucial to the musical experience.

I am continuing my research by exhibiting my pieces in visual art galleries, musical spaces and anywhere I am able to reach and engage people. I compose for public and academic communities as I believe that while academic research and rigour has for me proven essential in the realisation of new ideas, these ideas need to be relevant, meaningful and accessible. It is also essential to continue to talk about and explore music and art beyond that which I can create by myself.
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