Composition, Writing and Music Tuition

This is a picture of James Fox (also known as Foxy)!
I am an interdisciplinary musician, composer, sound artist and professional music tutor based in South Yorkshire.

I work with sound using familiar and unfamiliar creative approaches and compose a broad range of music and sonic experiences.

My musical foundation is in popular music such as rock, punk and metal, while my academic studies distilled traditional musical histories and methodologies along with a passion for experimental and avant-garde approaches to composition.

Simply put, I can't stop making and learning about music and have recently found a desire to compose music for other people to play.

A Bit of Background

I worked as a performing and recording guitarist between 1995 - 2010, recording and supporting a full album release in 2003. Around this time I started providing guitar lessons.

The way I made music shifted significantly from 2012 when I enrolled as an undergraduate student at the University of Huddersfield. I discovered a passion for composing and writing about music, which led to a publication and then a Master's degree.

I have explored various ways of notating music and have a drive to discover and make sounds and music that I have not made before. In 2015 I obtained a scholarship to study a Master's degree (by research) at the University of Huddersfield, passing with Distinction in 2017. This degree allowed me to focus on creating musical experiences through video.

I am currently composing using found sound and traditional instrumentation, making pieces that bring live and recorded sound (as well as video) together in performance.

Graphic score from visual art: speedy soundscape composition - Artist's Talk at ROAR

I was approached to create a short piece based on a cutting taken from a large artwork donated by Ken Horne, member and manager at ROAR. I was also asked to provide a brief explanation of my approach.My first reaction to the cutting was how familiar the image looked to the style of various graphic Read more...

Composing in Wentworth Woodhouse!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of working from Wentworth Woodhouse as part of ROAR's fifth gathering of local artists and arts organisations. The day began by meeting fellow artists which I find quite relaxing as I enjoy the social aspects of the arts, especially talking about art, music and the Read more...
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